The BrawlBRSTMs3 Channel Has Been Compromised

On June 1st, 2016, an anonymous user compromised the BrawlBRSTMs3 channel on YouTube. BrawlBRSTMs3 was a popular channel that regularly uploaded extended rips of video game music onto YouTube for the enjoyment of other people.

According to the twitter page of “Smash Custom Music”, a website responsible for providing users access to custom music as well as managing the BrawlBRSTMs3 channel,

The compromised channel had some significant changes applied to it, such as videos being monetized and a new channel header being added. The new channel header appears to originate from a user’s original artwork on DeviantArt. Featured channels have also been removed from the sidebar of the channel. Additionally, a space was added into the channel name and a Super Mario Bros. sprite has been added as the channel icon.

In addition to this, their most recent video appears to have some Chinese text in the description following the usual video extension notice. When translated, the Japanese text appears to say, “The Channel is not compromised, just stay calm!” In a recent reddit post made by the owner of the channel, it was stated that multiple reports came in of someone from China attempting to take over the Smash Custom Music website. The link that led to a Smash Custom Music page containing the rip shown in videos has now been removed, however, it appears that the website id used for finding pages was left untouched. Further down the description, a notice appears that states:

**IMPORTANT**: This channel was NOT compromised, rather the official Twitter account for Brawl BRSTMs / Smash Custom Music was hacked and it is being used to redirect traffic to a new channel that the hacker has made. Ads may show on videos due to copyright claims by the relevant copyright owners.

The Smash Custom Music team is currently uploading thousands of videos onto their new official channel, SmashDSPs. All of the re-uploaded videos have been extended to play for one hour instead of the usual 15 or 30 minute extension, likely to attract more people, though the exact motives for this are currently unknown. All of the videos appear to have a new description describing the hijacking situation.

This is a statement regarding the thief that hijacked the BrawlBRSTMs3 channel. BrawlBRSTMs3 was our original account, which got hijacked, and monetized by some dirtbag for personal gain. This channel is a temporary, perhaps even permanent replacement. Please, do not support BrawlBRSTMs3 anymore, and don’t let the thief enjoy his “victory.” Dislike, comment, let your voices be heard on the stolen channel.

As the current situation unfolds, we at Viking Gamers will be continuously updating this article. For more up-to-date news, please refer to the Smash Custom Music’s official twitter page.


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