Deep Into Darkness Released! Download Link + Presentation

Hello gamers!

Today I’m proud to announce the release of our brand new game, Deep into Darkness. Do not have high expectations as this game was made in 3 weeks and will be improved as time goes on. If you want to download the game and learn what it’s about, click Continue Reading.


To learn about our main character, storyline and more, you can view our PowerPoint presentation.

And finally our game. It’s glitchy right now but we hope you still have a fun time playing it. Click the link below to download the .zip file, then extract it and open the game with this icon:

niche desktop iconUPDATED

Now you should be good to go! Keep in mind that there is no pause option yet, to exit the game you’ll have to press the windows key.

Game Download Link(s)

NOTE: You MUST download both files in order to play the game.

The .exe file:!xV4hVBjb!qVk23rlmN2kCCORWh8bBowqVEBn-PA0nWsC9GKrYWrY

The Game data files:!xV4hVBjb!qVk23rlmN2kCCORWh8bBowqVEBn-PAY0nWsC9GKrYWr

I hope you enjoy it! 😀


Cheat CODES:

Hold down CHEATS- Skip to the next level

Hold down ZAH- Grow in size

Hold down STELIOS- Shrink in size

Hold down OSNAUT- x2 Speed

Hold down SAEWITZ- x2 Jump

Any suggestions for cheats/found bugs/etc. comment below!


2 thoughts on “Deep Into Darkness Released! Download Link + Presentation

  1. This game was released way too early imo, You guys should’ve released it when it was ready.

    Anyways, here’s two bugs.

    Walking into an enemy and jumping will cause the player and the enemy keep jumping infinitely.
    Walking down underneath a ledge will also cause the player to keep jumping infinitely.


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