New Gaming Project in Development – Deep Into Darkness

Viking Gamers is currently a sponsor of a new gaming project that’s being developed by Niche Entertainment. I (Zeer) am working on this project as one of the animators/concept artists and we are very excited to share the game with everyone. If you want to learn more about the project, continue reading for more information.

Behind the Scenes/Release date trailer

niche banner


What is the project’s purpose?

The purpose of this project is to make a game that appeals to a mature gaming audience. In this game, a knight discovers his dead son and goes on a violent rampage.  The story is very dark and gruesome. This project emphasizes how all humans, regardless of time period or position, can become corrupt and break rules using their power.

Who should be on the team (what areas of expertise do we need)?

In order to complete our project, we need to gather people that have different talents and skills. These types of people included programmers, level designers, concept artists, animators, sound engineers, and marketing managers. Currently, we have 2 artists, 2 programmers, 2 sound engineers and a business manager/producer. We feel by dividing up the jobs equally it allows each individual to focus on their own strengths and will therefore help us create a better game.

What resources are required and do we have them available?

We are using many programs and resources in order to complete our project. The project is being programmed through Unity and most of the art is being done through Maya and Photoshop. Our sounds engineers are using programs like Magix and are searching the internet to find sound effects for the project. We are also using other arts + crafts tools to design our characters.

Why is the project needed?

The world runs on entertainment. The video game industry is constantly growing, which opens plenty of opportunities for people to create the next biggest hit. This game is set apart from other games because you are playing as the villain rather than the hero, with an unusual twist at the end. We hope to pleasantly surprise anyone who plays our game expecting another generic ending. Not too many video games have the “hero” ending up on a rampage.

What will be delivered?

We hope to produce an interesting, exciting cutting edge video game. Although we’re restrained by time, we will try our best to separate our game from other generic 2D runner games.

More information about the game will be revealed soon so keep checking our blog for updates. The game will be released on August 7th and will be available right here on our blog!


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