Marc Laidlaw confirms The Know’s Half-Life Rumors to be False

The Know, a YouTube channel consisting of Rooster Teeth members who post videos about news in gaming, recently published a video about an anonymous source from within Valve. In the video, they stated that the anonymous source said that Half-Life 3 is not needed at the current time and that Valve fears internet backlash if the game turns out to be badly received.

Today, a Reddit user by the name of whats_not_in_a_name e-mailed Marc Laidlaw, the writer for the Half-Life series, about the video and he stated the following:

I can’t comment on Valve’s internal process, but I can say that it sounds like someone is trolling. Anonymous sources have been posting speculation masquerading as inside knowledge since the Half-Life 1 delay in 1997. If it’s any comfort, please rest assured that in my experience at Valve, fear is the last thing that would ever drive a decision about what to work on.

[Source: whats_not_in_a_name’s Imgur photo]


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