New Amiibo Line-Up

Amiibo Logo.svg

A lot of a new amiibo were announced at this years E3. Here is the line-up:

Mario Maker amiibos

Two new variations of Mario amiibo were revealed at E3. Unlike the previous ones, these amiibo are in 8-bit form. These amiibo were created for use in Super Mario Maker, a Mario level creator coming soon to Wii U, and for the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. When used in Mario Maker, it will enlarge your character, similar to a Mega Mushroom.


Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

A new Animal Crossing game titled “Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival” for the Wii U is centered around the use of amiibo.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Apart from Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was also confirmed to have amiibo. Although these are amiibos cards, they still act the same as amiibo figures. The cards were initially shown a few weeks ago, but today, Nintendo revealed even more cards.

Click here view the complete set!

Skylanders x amiibo Hybrids

Two new Skylanders/amiibo were revealed in the form of Turbocharged Donkey Kong and Hammerslam Bowser. These two amiibo are unique as you are able to twist the base to allow compatibility with Skylanders: Supercharged and amiibo-related games. Both figures come with an additional item, the Barrel Blaster for DK, and the Clown Cruiser for Bowser. It is currently unknown what these figures will unlock in Skylanders, but it seems likely that they will include the base features of normal DK and Bowser amiibo.

[Source: Nintendo @ E3 amiibo Website]


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