Town of Salem Gets a Major Update

Town of Salem, a browser and downloadable game based around murder, deception, and lying, recently got a major update. The update introduced various new features.

A new end game screen was introduced which includes a chat lobby, a friend-adding system, a reporting system, and the ability to see players’ real names. The update also added new moderator commands which include warning, suspending, and perm banning. A major feature that was added are ranked matches. If player has played 50 games of Town of Salem, they’re aloud to enter ranked matches. When a player joins the rankings, they get 1200 ELO. ELO is a player’s current ranking. Players will join games with similar ranked players. The rankings will go through a season system with a pre-season currently going on. Players on the top of the rankings at the end of the season will earn various rewards. Statistics have also been added, but are only viewable to developers. ¬†Apart from new features, the update introduced new items. This includes a new character named ‘Candy’, new houses named ‘Bozo’s Fun House’ and ‘Drop Ship’, and a new map named Final Frontier. Town of Salem will also be coming to mobile devices this summer.


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