Steam Security Updates

On April 17, Valve updated their Steam platform so that countries are tied to accounts.

This means players can no longer access the Steam store in other regions if they’re logged in. A pro to this is that users will be able to purchase games while in other regions using money from their set country. One bad side to it is that when moving to another country, players will have to confirm it by using a payment method from that country. Another disadvantage to it is that various countries require people to pay far more money than other countries. This update has also broken some websites that showed prices from other countries such as SteamDB and Is There Any Deal.

On the same date, the Steam Mobile app was updated so that a unique code has to be entered every time the user logs in. Apart from this, a group has opened that chooses beta participants to test out future security apps. As of April 20, only Android users can enter.


The message that pops up when clicking on Steam Guard.

Following this update, on April 19, Valve again updated Steam so that users who have spent less than $5 on Steam can no longer use many basic features. This update occurred due to the recent rise in phishing bots. The restricted features include sending friend requests, opening group chat, opening friend chat, voting on Steam Greenlight, Workshop, and reviews, participating in the Steam Community Market, posting frequently on discussions, accessing the Steam API, and using browser and mobile chat.

[Source: Steam Support, SGMAB Group, and GameSpot]


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