Club Nintendo Offers NA Flipnote 3D

Very recently, Nintendo announced that members of Club Nintendo would receive Flipnote 3D codes for the Nintendo 3DS.

Club Nintendo members were to receive the code this week, however Nintendo delayed it to sometime later this month. In case you don’t know what Flipnote Studio is, here is a brief history of it:

Flipnote Hatena menu.

Flipnote Studio was an app pre-installed onto a Nintendo DSi. Users could make animations using drawings. Users were also able to add sound clips and change between red, white, and blue. Flipnote Hatena soon came around and acted as an online animation sharing place. Users could download sprites which could be added to their animations and and save them. In 2013, the Flipnote Hatena service ended as Nintendo Wi-Fi connection later ended for DSi and Wii in 2014.

Flipnote Studio 3D was to come to the west in Summer of 2013 and has been around for a while in Japan. Features that are supposed to come are six colors, the ability to change animations into GIF and AVI files, and the ability to share Flipnotes with friends. The only way to share animations online is to pay Nintendo monthly.

Later this month, we’ll most likely post a review of Flipnote Studio 3D. Please look forward to it.

[Source: Nintendo Support]


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