Sony Closes Their Doors in Canada

Viking Gamers HQ – Today, Sony announces that all their stores in Canada will be closing down for 6 to 8 weeks.

Sony is widely known in the gaming community for making a powerhouse gaming console franchise, the PlayStation. The franchise is now on it’s 4th console installment.  Sony has now confirmed that all business in Canada will be provided through online stores, Sony tele-sales team, and retailers of Sony.

An odd thing that happened, Sony closed their stores the same day Target, an all around convenience store, did. Sony’s reason of the closure was unknown by media, but there are factors that could have lead to the closings.

Although the Playstation 4 was the most sold console in 2014 (selling about 18 million units ever since the launch [14 months]), Sony did not have the same success in their other divisions. In Canada, sales were mainly for their gaming equipment, about 84% of sales came from that division. The other percentages were scattered among Sony product divisions.

Sony reported to CBS News the following-

“Our network of Sony authorized retailers offer a full range of Sony products and will be supported by our in-store Merchandisers and Product Trainers on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that our past customers have continued access to knowledgeable Sales consultants who can support their ongoing Sony electronics needs.”

Many speculate the Sony stores are useless in a whole, as you can go on online sites such as Amazon, Ebay, and more to buy products for a cheaper amount of money.  Although Sony has not responded to those allegations, they plan to return to Canada soon.  Whereas Target plans to return in 2021.  Good luck Canada!

Doctor Mine Turtle/Franklin


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