Playstation Network & Xbox Live Unavailable on Christmas Day


Starting yesterday evening, users of Xbox Live and Playstation Network have had issues connecting online. The online issues seem to be coming from a hacking group called the Lizard Squad, a group that proclaims themselves cyber terrorists. The attacks were planned from their twitter page, @LizardMafia. The main reason why this hacking occured was due to a “battle” between two hacking groups, the Finest Squad (@FinestSquad) and the Lizard Squad.

Playstation and Xbox have responded to the issue and let users know on their twitter page:

We are aware that some users are reporting issues accessing PSN this morning. Thanks for your patience as we investigate.

We’re aware users are having issues logging into XBL & are actively working to resolve. Please visit for updates ^JX

Recently, the Lizard Squad have stopped the attacks on Playstation Network and Xbox Live because of a twitter user named @KimDotCom offering them 3000 Premium Mega Vouchers, however, the servers are still down and it will take some time to get them running again.

Attacks have stopped momentarily, awaiting ‘s response.

 What do you think about the attacks on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


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